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 What Phab does:

Supports...a network of over 200 clubs in all age ranges offering activities which all members can share and enjoy together.

Funds... and organizes the PhabKids "Integrated Living Experiences" for 9 - 16 years and for an older group the "Skills for Independence" projects - residential weeks and short stays for disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy a full range of activities at fully accessible activity centers with expert supervision.

Promotes...self reliance and enhances the living skills and abilities of young people through a diverse range of projects embracing the aims of Phab.

Organizes...regular conferences and forums across the regions to enable all those involved with Phab to benefit from workshops, training, and advice and group discussions.

Provides... useful accessible information via regular newsletters and web links on this Phab website: www.phabengland.org.uk


Reading Phab

We are a club that is run for the members by the members. We mainly enjoy evenings down at the centre, but we do try and go out as much as possible.


At the centre we enjoy many hours of conversation, arts and crafts evenings and we also have bring and share food evenings. We also occasionally have food evenings where the members can enjoy which ever food we choose for that evening.


When we go out we go for meals out at the restaurants around the Reading area. We also try to use other facilities, such as bowling and the cinema.  We also try and do at least one day out to Swindon retail outlet where all members can enjoy a bit of shopping.


Every one of our members can do as much or as little as they like, and if anyone needs help there is always someone willing to help.